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The Blackthorn Tavern

Our Location

Official Town Seal
Charlton, Mass

A Brief History of Charlton

In 1750 inhabitants and land owners on the westerly part of the
township of Oxford petitioned the general court to create a separate
township for reasons that "part of your petitioners do not belong to
any town whatsoever, and the other part of your petitioners was not
in the least regarded by its inhabitants" They were first refused,
but made a second attempt in 1754. In 1755 the bill entitled, "An act
for setting off the inhabitants as also their estates, of the west
part of Oxford into a separate district passed.

Interesting facts, the highest land between the seaboard on the east
and the Connecticut River on the west is found near the center of
Birthplace of William T. G. Morton MD discoverer of the use of ether
as anesthesia in surgical operations was born in Charlton.
the famous "Grizzley" Adams is buried in Charlton

When driving through the Center of Charlton- Dont
or you'll miss it